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Custom Body Mist

Custom Body Mist

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Create a signature scent with our Custom Body Mist - its not just about smelling good, but expressing yourself. Craft a unique blend of fragrances to invoke memories, spark joy, and make your own statement. With a few thoughtful ingredients, you can whip up a completely customized body mist that's perfect for you.

 In order to create a good scent you also need to understand how top notes, middles notes and base notes work. The top note is going to be the first scent you smell but wear off quickly. Top notes examples would be citrus and aromatics like lemon, orange, lavender, lemongrass. Middle notes are the heart of your fragrance and linger after the initial top note evaporates. Middle note examples would be florals, greens, fruity and spicy scents. Base notes are the notes that stay with you the longest. They also anchor the top and middle notes. Examples would be vanilla, musk, earthy and woody scents such as sandalwood, amber and patchouli.

Scent is very subjective and you may not smell all the notes listed in the scent. That is ok! You also may have a favorite scent you wear all the time and you find it dissipates quickly. Your nose could just be overly use to the scent you use and you become what is called "nose blind." This is something we know all to well and because of this we cant always count on our nose to make decisions if a scent is working for us.  Creating a scent is all about having fun, being creative and finding what works for you and what doesn't.

Okay now for the fun part, In order to make your blend you will need to read through our scent list. Next you will decide how many scents you would like to blend. Using the menu choose 2 scents, 3 scents or 4 scents. Because of our extensive scent list we had to make a separate page just for that. To choose your scents, please type in your choices in the special instructions box located in the cart when checking out. If you forget this step please send us a direct message with your choices at with your order #number or on the homepage you can also use our contact form.

You may also choose if you'd like to add color. If you choose "surprise me" well choose a color for you. If you prefer no color there's an option for that to.

Wait there is more! Do you want to name your scent blend? You can do that to! Let us know with your scent choices. How AWESOME is that!

Body Mist Net Wt 108g-3.8oz 

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